Rev. Dr. T. A. Adeeko is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Refreshing Word Christian Centre, Kubwa Abuja, Nigeria. A medical practitioner turned preacher. An anointed Bible teacher and Pastor. Dr. Taiwo Adeeko teaches the Word of Faith simply, making it understandable and relevant to the daily lives of people through the power of the Holy spirit. ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Bibilical Foundation Of Prosperity Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:57:21 22 Sep 2017
Diligence Youth | Young People 00:19:50 21 Sep 2017
Developing A Desire For The Word Of God. Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:46:17 21 Sep 2017
Act Of Thanksgiving Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:56:14 21 Sep 2017
Fear Not But Believe Fear | Doubt | Anxiety 00:49:02 21 Sep 2017
Having A Right Attitude To Life Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:31:23 21 Sep 2017
Being Focused Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:57:20 21 Sep 2017
Destined For Greatness Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:52:00 21 Sep 2017