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Audio Rhema makes it simple for you to self-publish your Christian sermons and messages.

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  • Get detailed analytics on download and listening behaviour

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We've done the heavy-lifting to provide you with an all-in-one solution to self-publish your content and expand the global reach of your ministry. With just a few clicks, your audio or video content becomes available for instant consumption worldwide on our mobile app.

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The only time-saving tool you need.

Self-publishing has never been so easy. Uploading and sharing your content with millions of listeners takes less than 5 minutes.

Safeguard your hard work.

With Audio Rhema, your content is not only backed up in secure online cloud storage, but it is also safe from unlawful reproduction.

Useful & straightforward analytics

Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a clear assessment of the impact of your content. We provide you with real-time analytics on downloads and audience growth including:

  • Daily downloads
  • Daily follower growth
  • Top 10 streams & downloads
  • Top 10 countries where your content has been downloaded

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