Part 3 - Grace Reigns Through Righteousness
Category: Faith | Salvation | Belief System
01:03:35 | 29 Nov 2018

This series seeks to uncover the true meaning of ‘Grace’. It presents grace as far more than ‘unmerited favour’. It first explores Grace in ESSENCE as the composite constituent element comprising God as a Spirit Being, giving Him substantive weight. It then demonstrates the EFFECTS of this Grace in the life of the son of God in terms its capacity to configure our sonship identity in Christ and also in reference to its intent to empower our functionality in obeying God and executing His will for specific assignments. The series then focuses on certain factors or dispositions that facilitate the efficient access and reception of this grace. The ultimate objective of this series is to present biblical principles by which the Grace of God, both in ESSENCE and EFFECTS will reach maximum capacity in our lives.

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