Part 4 - Prayer, The Word And Fasting
Category: Prayer | Fasting | Intercession
01:17:44 | 28 Nov 2018

Fasting is one of the most neglected spiritual disciplines of our time and yet is key to spiritual growth and effectiveness as we execute God’s purposes globally. The Scriptures give great scope and weight to the subject of fasting. In this series, I have endeavoured to give explanation and current truth application to most scriptural references on the subject, by extrapolating Biblical ‘PRINCIPLES’ for effective fasting and by examining various ‘PERSONS’ who fasted with tremendous results. Thus, we explore the value of fasting both by ‘precept’ and by ‘example’. In this series, we explore the various reasons that inspired these saints to fast either PRIVATELY for personal reasons or PUBLICLY for issues concerning God’s purpose, as they led sometimes an entire nation in a fast to effect God’s will on a macro-scale. The Scriptures make a strong case for personal fasting AS WELL AS corporate fasting.

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