Nel Sewraj has been developing leaders and training churches locally and internationally for over two decades. He has a reputation for challenging the way church leaders think, live and work. He is a church turnaround specialist whose unique apostolic perspectives confront the status quo and eliminate mediocrity. He holds numerous postgraduate qu ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
The Post Lockdown Church Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:32:51 25 Oct 2020
Why God Shut The Church Down Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:35:03 18 Oct 2020
Kairos Season For Wealth Transfer Business | Economy | Money 00:30:20 11 Oct 2020
The Spirit Of Revelation Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:22:25 11 Oct 2020
Progressive Revelation Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:42:05 27 Sep 2020
Lessons From The Lockdown Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:29:56 20 Sep 2020
The Voice Of The Flesh And The Voice Of The Father Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:29:05 14 Sep 2020
The Supernatural Church Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:32:27 06 Sep 2020