Rev. Frank and Rev. Diane Anderson-Aidoo live in Dundee, Scotland (UK), where they both pastor Fountain Gate Chapel(FGC)-New Life. Frank and Diane have a unique ministry that tends to raise and disciple giants for God's end time militia. Truth is, these lovely people of God, epitomize what it means to unreservedly entrust one's life to the sacred c ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Fighting To Fulfill Your Prophetic Destiny Faith | Salvation | Belief System 01:03:50 07 Jun 2019
Being Filled By The Holy Spirit Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:29:43 07 Jun 2019
Provoking Supernatural Assistance 1 Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:32:02 13 May 2018
Provoking Supernatural Assistance 2 Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:32:07 13 May 2018
Provoking Divine Remembrance Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:31:53 08 May 2018
Renewing Your Mind Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:32:04 24 Apr 2018
Taking Care Of Christ Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:31:49 23 Apr 2018
When God Is Late 1 Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:30:00 18 Apr 2018