Dr. S. Y. Govender (Sagie) is the senior minister of Antioch Christian Tabernacle and founder and presiding apostle of ABC Ministries. Antioch Christian Tabernacle is the local church and ABC Ministries is the resource centre that resources pastors globally. Dr. Govender is the founder of ABC (Accurate Building Concepts) - a course structured for ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Mega Sons Part 1 Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:03:59 31 Aug 2018
Mega Sons Part 2 Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:04:27 31 Aug 2018
Mega Sons Part 3 Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:03:32 31 Aug 2018
Mega Sons Part 4 Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:07:03 31 Aug 2018