George Izunwa is the Lead Pastor of Gateway International Church, a dynamic and vibrant growing church headquarters in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is called, anointed and commissioned by God to 'Go teach my people Strength'. Thousands have been positively affected by his pulpit ministry, TV ministry, books, tapes, crusades and special empowerment se ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
A Person Blinded By Pride Of Achievement Faith | Salvation | Belief System 00:19:33 22 Sep 2020
Peter The Apostle Who Stepped Out Of The Boat Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:21:24 13 Sep 2020
Hezekiah The Man Who Changed God's Decision Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:22:54 13 Sep 2020
As A Spirit Being On Earth Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:22:31 13 Sep 2020
When The Person Allows His Or Her Reality To Overshadow Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:21:06 13 Sep 2020
The Limitations Of Calamity Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:21:35 13 Sep 2020
Power Over Spiritual Forces And Capacity To Rule Over Life Situations Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:21:05 13 Sep 2020
This Thing Works Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:19:43 13 Sep 2020