Listen to Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah from Royalhouse Chapel International - Ahenfie as he tackles many topics that confront today's believer in all spheres of life. This audio broadcast carries hope, healing and restoration into individuals, families and homes of many hungry, desolate and tired souls. This audio broadcast offers you divine power, wis ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Blessed Are The Peacemakers Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:57:52 20 Nov 2017
The Test Of Obedience Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:58:20 17 Nov 2017
And He Gave Some Faith | Salvation | Belief System 00:34:28 16 Nov 2017
Divine Encounter Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:52:15 10 Nov 2017
My Victory In Christ Heaven | Earth | Hell 00:58:11 07 Nov 2017
Wasted Prayers Prayer | Fasting | Intercession 01:00:13 31 Oct 2017