Bishop Eddy Addy is one of the three Founding Bishops of the United Denomination: Lighthouse Group Of Churches, and has assisted and worked with Bishop Dag Heward-Mills (Founder, UD-LGOC) for over 30 years. Bishop Addy is currently the Senior Pastor at the Qodesh Family Church-The Qedesh and he is blessed with a strong teaching anointing, Pastoral ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
The Secret Of Personal Faith In God V Faith | Salvation | Belief System 01:13:56 23 May 2018
Faith; I Can Make It Through Anything Faith | Salvation | Belief System 01:19:53 23 May 2018
The House On A Rock Faith | Salvation | Belief System 01:04:50 14 Sep 2017
Fear - The Commonest Sign Of Demon Activity (victory Over Demons) Fear | Doubt | Anxiety 01:26:42 14 Sep 2017
The Old Rugged Cross Of Jesus Christ Part 1 Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:20:10 09 Sep 2017
Roll Call In Hell Heaven | Earth | Hell 01:19:08 07 Sep 2017