Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, singularly forged by the fire of the Word of God, has his eyes burning with a vision for the Body of Christ that shall impact the entire world. He is a dynamic apostle, evangelist, pastor, teacher, and prophet. His teachings and books show God's power and truth working in his life and the lives of others. He has a peculiar ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Your Glorious Destiny Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:32:45 07 Jun 2018
Atmosphere Camp - Prayer And Declaration Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:08:35 22 May 2018
Christ As A Man Of Anointing And Miracles Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:10:39 20 May 2018
Prayer Prayer | Fasting | Intercession 00:18:20 18 May 2018
Cup Of Blessing How To Make Your Prophecies Come To Pass Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:18:29 16 May 2018
Faith For Prosperity Business | Economy | Money 00:13:44 14 May 2018
He That Reapeth Receiveth Wages Kingdom of God | Gospel 02:02:02 11 May 2018
Tithing Business | Economy | Money 01:20:01 10 May 2018