Nicholas Duncan-Williams is the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM), head-quartered in Accra, Ghana. He is the founder and father of the Charismatic Movement in Ghana and other parts of West Africa. CAFM, one church in many locations, has over 300 affiliate and branch churches located in North Ameri ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Multiplication & Fruitfulness Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:00:45 15 Nov 2017
The Reason For The Resurrection Faith | Salvation | Belief System 00:59:32 10 Nov 2017
The Principles & Protocols Of Civil Authority Government | Governance | Leadership 01:14:16 10 Nov 2017
Those Who Don't Make The Rapture Faith | Salvation | Belief System 01:04:17 10 Nov 2017
Working Out Your Own Salvation Faith | Salvation | Belief System 01:06:38 10 Nov 2017
The Audacity Of Faith For Divine Exemption Faith | Salvation | Belief System 00:54:38 10 Nov 2017