Rev. Tony Akinyemi is the senior Pastor of The Shepherd's Flock International Church. He is also the president of HAVILAH International Ministries - an itinerant teaching ministry reaching out to the entire Body of Christ with systematic and didatic teaching of the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit through seminars, conferences, workshops ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Homeostasis Science | Technology | Education 00:54:48 15 Sep 2017
The Easter Message Kingdom of God | Gospel 00:40:00 15 Sep 2017
When Cursing Is Good Prayer | Fasting | Intercession 00:46:27 09 Sep 2017
Modifiable Risk Factors Science | Technology | Education 00:51:33 13 Aug 2017
Possessing The Gate Of Your Enemies Prayer | Fasting | Intercession 00:31:05 10 Aug 2017