Dr Abu Bako is a greatly gifted man who possesses a wealth and diversity of different aptitudes.An Economist by profession, a former lecturer in Economics and Senior Researcher in Agricultural Economics for several years, he is primarily a people-builder, a specialist in training , equipping and developing quality leaders at all levels of public li ...Read more

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Sermon Title Category Duration Date Published
Recovering The Future Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:19:10 04 Oct 2017
Fatherly Blessing Youth | Young People 01:12:10 19 Aug 2017
Understanding The Times Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:14:48 19 Aug 2017
Praying For Our Families Family | Relationships | Marriage 01:19:21 19 Aug 2017
The Kingdom Citizen Kingdom of God | Gospel 01:19:38 19 Aug 2017